Boundary Surveyors In Uvalde, TX

At Smyth Surveyors, Inc., our focus as land surveyors is on providing you with the critical surveying services required to make sure any documentation of your land and its boundaries is thoroughly measured, expertly assessed and flawlessly transcribed.

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Comprehensive surveying

A boundary survey, for transference or lease of land—whether through sale, partition or inheritance—depends on two essential factors: a written document that legally describes the boundary of the land and the occupation of the land itself. With a boundary survey playing such a crucial role in the rights and responsibilities of owning and developing that land, the role of a boundary surveyor in Texas is monumental.

A comprehensive boundary survey must accurately illustrate and describe the relationship between the boundary of the land—as legally described of record—and the land as occupied by enclosure fences, walls or other markers. The survey must also depict encumbrances onto the land, such as easements and/or right-of-way crossing, and additionally must show encroachments onto the land, such as neighboring fences or protrusions outward from the land. The possibility of unwritten rights such as access across the land to other tracts, adverse possession, unpatented areas and vacancies that can cloud the land title must also be explored.

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Defining the boundaries of your land

Smyth Surveyors, Inc. offers boundary and topographic surveying for all tracts of land, including: lots, ranches, subdivisions, rivers, lakes, irrigations systems, cellular tower sites, oil and gas well sites, tank battery sites, pipelines, roads, bridges and beyond.

Each boundary survey we conduct is done with a strict emphasis on thoroughness, ensuring that our finished data is complete and irrefutable. Moreover, our familiarity with all of the above projects gives us a depth of insight into the numerous variables that may impact the assessment of land boundaries.

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If you’re in need of a boundary survey that’s encompassing and precise, don’t just trust any boundary surveyor in Uvalde, Concan, La Pryor, or Knippa, TX. Instead, choose the firm that’s backed by more than 90 years of professional experience as a pipeline surveyor and an extensive familiarity with any and all types of land surveying projects: trust Smyth Surveyors, Inc.

For information about our capabilities as boundary surveyors or to inquire about our ability to assess the boundaries for your unique tract of land, please don’t hesitate to contact us today by calling 830-591-0858.

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